it staffing services, it consulting services

Staff Augmentation Services

it staffing and consulting services

What Sets Us Apart.

Rapidsoft IT Staffing gives you the tools needed to identify and retain top talent for your business which enables your company to remain competitive. Our professional and strategic staffing process not only helps you save time and money, but also offers additional advantages you won’t find at other recruitment firms.

We go through a thorough screening process to provide you with the consultants that best fit your technology staffing needs. Our hassle free processes, responsiveness, and ability to understand your IT staffing requirements, separate us from our closest competition.

it staffing services, it consulting services

Consulting Experts That Work for You

Rapidsoft's IT Staffing team goes above and beyond with value-add offerings that far exceed the industry standard. Service reviews such as time-to-hire, fill ratios and attrition analysis, and r eporting help to pinpoint adjustments to your workforce that can increase profit and efficiency. We provide quality-check feedback as well as bring ideas and innovative recommendations for improved results.

Throughout candidate identification, recruitment and placement our role as liaison creates a competitive advantage for your company. We’re on top of all of your staffing needs through the entire process. We do everything it takes to secure the people you want and need.

it staffing services, it consulting services

Perfect Consultant Match. Every Time.

Rapidsoft's IT Staffing team ensures its professionals are an exceptional fit. Once we’re certain a candidate’s skills and experience qualify them for your job opening our job placement process considers fit-focused elements. We assess your culture and organization against candidate preferences for hours, dress code, growth paths, education opportunities, company environment, culture and more.

Our methoda help us find contractors and employees that blend harmoniously with your organizational culture and business. The Rapidsoft's IT Staffing process demonstrates proven results, time after time. In fact, most of our contractors are offered regular, full-time employment positions.

it staffing and consulting services

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