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Frequently Asked Questions

When we meet with clients, partners and prospects we are often asked to explain exactly what Technical Staff Augmentation is and why Rapidsoft Systems is the right choice. To answer those burning questions we’ve created this Technical Staff Augmentation FAQ. If you don't see the answer to one of your questions, please feel free to contact us.

Q: What is Technical Staff Augmentation?
A: Staff Augmentation is process of the addition of contract consultants based on project needs. The contracts can from a few months to several months.
Q:Why should I consider Technical Staff Augmentation?.
A: Many organizations face staffing challenges for short and long term technical projects. They don’t have the in-house IT staff to fulfill all of the requirements of a particular engagement.
Q: What are the benefits of Technical Staff Augmentation?
  • You don’t have to hire a full time employee and wonder what to do with them at the end of the project.
  • You don’t spend valuable time recruiting.
  • You don’t worry about benefits.
  • You get a money-back guarantee based on performance.
  • You get peace of mind and a pat on the back for making a decision that saves time and money.
Q: How long does it take from client need/request to placement of the resource?
A: This is dependent upon the level of resource needed and how specific the skill set that is required (certifications, years of experience, industry knowledge, etc.). • It typically takes from one to four weeks to match the right staff to the position using our proven methodology.
Q: What does it cost for me to hire the person directly after the engagement period?
The cost paid to Rapidsoft Systems after the engagement period will be negotiated in advance of engagement period beginning. Typically the cost is a percentage of the base salary as specified in your contract.
Q: Why should I use your services over another staff augmentation company?
A: At Rapidsoft Systems we strive to understand your true needs, company culture, project specifics, business pains, business objectives and other mission-critical factors to partner with you to provide the right resource(s), within the right budget at the right time. We utilize your best practices with our IT consultant’s years of experience to create a blended IT team. We are happy to let your team take all the accolades for a project well-done.
Q: Do you have resources with the following skills….?
A: Rapidsoft Systems has a pool of resources available with most common skill-sets in IT. We stand ready to look at your specific needs to match to one of our experienced subject matter experts. From software and network engineers to project and program managers, we can find qualified consultants within one to four weeks thatt will meet and/or exceed your expectations.

Benefits Of Consultants

Actually, staff augmentation, when compared to the costs of a fully burdened employee, is often less costly than a direct hire (aka – Full Time Employee “FTE”).

Unlike Direct hires, you don't have to take care of various payroll taxes and other benefits.

Tell Me Who Uses Staff Augmentation Services

Every one can benefit with staff augmentation companies. Here is how?

Established IT Companies/IT Consulting Companies:

Companies having enterprise applications, portals which require regular maintenance and up-gradation can opt for staff augmentation. Hiring dedicated resources through our Staff Augmentation service provides you with well trained experts with the latest tools and technologies, capable to rapidly develop and deploy new systems.

Small and mid-size Enterprises:

Small and medium size companies often face financial difficulties while setting up off shore business sites. Hiring dedicated resources from E2 Solutions can be the solution to all your IT requirements. Owing to its time and cost efficiency, this strategy is the ideal option for your temporary staff requirements.

Start-up Companies:

Growing businesses that need to expand their technical staffing with limited capital can hire our resources (hire web designers) to meet their needs for exceptional talent. Beginning a new business set-up demands critical evaluation of existing company budget and a balanced organizational management.